002: Generating $1MM ANNUALLY while Living in Panama with Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant - biOptimizers Interview



Matt Gallant is CEO of BiOptimizers & Infinite Profit Solutions. He's also a Mad Marketing Scientist, Serial Entrepreneur, Life Optimizer, Practical Spirituality Student that lives in Panama City, Panama. Matt made his first sale on the internet in 1996. Since then he’s built over 39 profitable websites in various sectors and industries. His companies have sold over $10,000,000 worth of products and services online. Matt's called by his peers “The Mad Marketing Scientist” since he’s constantly testing new, radical ideas inside his companies. He's a serial entrepreneur who’s collected over 7 million leads, scientifically tested well over 10,000 different marketing ideas, and built his dream international lifestyle.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

  • [0:50] Matt Gallant has 5 companies and about to start 3 more: A publishing company, Music Space, he's owned for 12 years; Bioptimizers which has been around for 11 years: help people fix digestions and optimize their bodies; business partners with Dawson Church Energy Psychology Certification; Tech Startup that they've been working on for 3 years and is actually not making money but he thinks it’s a cool platform and will be launched later this year and Pay for Performance Optimization deals.
  • [1:32] He’s a Canadian but lives in Panama for 13 years now & has been married for 6 years.
  • [2:05] Originally from Brunswick, Canada and went to University of Moncton and studied Kinesiology and Science to Physical Activity.
  • [2:22] First career was as Personal Trainer. He always knew he wanted to build a business around health and fitness.
  • [2:40] After graduating, he worked full-time at a gym and at the same time doing personal training.
  • [2:57] Aside from working, he also learned copywriting and recorded an album.
  • [2:54] He was so hungry with success that he worked 80 hours/week and only slept 5 hours a night.
  • [3:17] Became the second busiest, if not the busiest, trainer in World’s Gym downtown Vancouver because of his marketing and sales skills.
  • [3:39] The most difficult and intense thing he had ever done was when he was a College Pro Painter franchisee for 2 yrs.
  • [4:47] Organized a self-defense fighting seminars in Moncton, New Brunswick because he was so passionate about it.
  • [5:33] His first online success was a skin care anti-ageing formulation.
  • [6:52] He got divorced with his first wife at 28 and got involved with drugs, alcohol and women.
  • [7:27] Sobered up 8 years ago and started building things again. Partnered up with Dawson Church.
  • [8:20]I never do things that I am not excited about. That’s one of my rules.
  • [10:20] He moved to Panama with one of his business partners.
  • [12:10] Learned Google Adwords which elevated him from a copywriter to a rainmaker.
  • [13:14]I think one mistake a lot of people make is they just learn one skill.
  • [17:53] Believes that Marketing is the key to generating revenue.
  • [20:04] He got great deals and clients through word of mouth.
  • [21:06]If you generate money then you deserve a slice of that. That’s a law and it’s simple.
  • [22:36] Most people don’t optimize instead they build something new. Take the assets that are working and make it work better.
  • [23:25] “If I get a piece of the action and I can generate the action, then I’m gonna make way more money.”
  • [25:29] Funnel is a sales process where somebody comes in and is engineered to sell a product.
  • [26:26] When you reach your “boiling point.”
  • [32:50] Learn the skill sets of building teams, the skill sets of using systems.
  • [35:04] There’s difference between making money and becoming wealthy.
  • [35:28] “It doesn’t matter how much money we make if we don’t understand how to build wealth, it’s not going to happen”. Offense, Defense and The Gap. (1) Offense: How much money you’re making (2) Defense: How much you are saving (3) The Gap: Difference between your Offense and Defense. Invest The Gap.
  • [36:54] “The worst thing on the planet to buy is an expensive new car.”

Fabulous 4 Questions:

  1. 📖 📚 Favorite Book(s)? The Eye Of The I From Which Nothing is Hidden by David R. Hawkins
  2. 🙌😎 Favorite Amazon.com purchase? ChiliPad
  3. 🌱💸 Favorite Tool that's GROWN your Business? Google Docs
  4. 💭💡 BIGGEST Challenge keeping your Business from GROWING? More profitable cold traffic

Key Points from the Interview:

  1. Product quality should be a priority.
  2. Your product has to be unique and stick out.
  3. Look at what’s wrong with what you’re doing.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Matt Gallant TV – This specific link gives you Access to his 3x Book
  • biOptimizers – One of his companies
  • Infinite Profit Solutions – This is where you can find more on his Gold Lantern Lead Tracking Software
  • Breakthrough Advertising – “Put simply, Gene's book addresses the universal problem of all copywriting: How to write a headline – and an ad that follows it – that will open up a whole new market.”
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter – Great sales copy is indispensable to closing a deal & author Dan Kennedy explains why some sales letters work and most don't.